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Traveling in Panama- Leaves from a traveling notebook

Traveling in Panama

The most beautiful places are the ones you surrender to- where the radio crackles and slowly dies, where the cell phone stops serving any purpose, where taking a picture is futile for it doesn’t capture the emotions. These are places you don’t try to describe when you realize your vocabulary doesn’t have enough words. These are often places you never hear about because those in the know believe they deserve to be secrets.

(I scribbled this text somewhat illegibly while on my way to the tiny Embera hamlet on Panama’s Chagres river where I spent time with artisans for our collection of Emberaa-Wounaan wickerwork. On my way back, I was met with that tropical rain that the rain forests of Panama are so famous for. There was little chance I could pull my pencil and notebook out at that moment, to attempt at describing my experience. That memory of being drenched to the bone and floating on the river in a dugout canoe, has no photographic evidence or poetic words in dedication, but remains just a vivid memory. Find the Emberaa-Wounaan wickerwork here)


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