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Hi! I'm Minu. I am a traveler and photographer from India. I moved to Germany in 2006 and have lived in 8 towns and cities since: Leipzig, Alajuela, Munich, Hyderabad, Dubai, San Francisco, Berlin and my current home, Bangalore.

My love for photography began as a means to document my travels and has progressively become the voice of the storyteller in me. Fueled by adventure, curiosity and non-conformism, I am known to forever wander with a camera in hand, oftentimes solo. My travel photography explores the disparate cultures that constitute the living world, while tying it all together with the lowest common denominator- the human condition. Memory and nostalgia are common themes in my work. Likewise, my architectural work seeks to understand the complexities of a multilayered physical world, yet presents linearity and simplification.

Also as the founder of RoadsWellTraveled, a boutique tourism and sustainability consulting practice, my team and I help make tourism and businesses more impactful, innovative and sustainable.


I believe in the healing powers of mountains, conversation and photography; in losing myself in unfamiliar places, and enjoying, not fearing missing out.

I speak English, Hindi, German, enough Kannada and Spanish to navigate through Bangalore's City Market or converse with Panama's Embera tribe.

I am available for assignments across India and the globe.



This portrait of me was taken in Jaipur by friend and photographer Julie Millasseau

If you would like to be updated about my work as a photographer and with RoadsWellTravelled, I invite you to sign up for my bi-annual newsletter here. The next dispatch is scheduled for early 2024.

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